With Dino Web Host, you can get an KVM VPS for just €12.38 per month. Just like with our OpenVZ VPS packages, you will get guaranteed CPU time allocations at much lower prices as compared to dedicated server solutions. Each KVM VPS comes with its own server Admin Panel and an optional Control Panel (cPanel).

Choose Your KVM VPS Hosting Plan

Our KVM VPS packages are designed to offer high levels of security and performance, and they scale easily to your business needs.



Platform: Linux
CPU Cores: 1

SSD Space: 20 GB
Bandwidth: 300 GB
Management: Managed

€ 12.38 / mo



Platform: Linux
CPU Cores: 2

SSD Space: 40 GB
Bandwidth: 800 GB
Management: Managed

€ 23.78 / mo



Platform: Linux
CPU Cores: 3

SSD Space: 80 GB
Bandwidth: 1.2 TB
Management: Managed

€ 49.55 / mo



Platform: Linux
CPU Cores: 4

SSD Space: 160 GB
Bandwidth: 1.8 TB
Management: Managed

€ 94.14 / mo

Key Account Features

Guaranteed CPU

Your Virtual Private Server can utilize 100% of the CPU speed (a service level agreement).

Real RAM Shares

You will get enhanced cache levels and a much quicker server.

No SWAP Partitionning

Your Virtual Private Server can utilize 100% of the server’s memory.

SSD storage

SSD storage with guaranteed speeds, unaffected by the intensive IO operations of other Virtual Private Servers.

Dedicated Varnish & Memcached

Get dedicated Varnish & Memcahced memory allocations and leverage the power of caching to your advantage (with Hepsia CP) 

Quick Speed Upgrades

You can quickly shift to faster CPU speeds; Get the speed specifications of a dedicated hosting server and pay only 40% of its actual value.

Dropbox Backups (with Hepsia CP)

This is a 3rd party backup service that offers a quick and easy integration with your Dropbox account. It allows you to quickly connect your Control Panel with your Dropbox account and transfer all available backups in seconds.

Free VPN Access (5 GB) (with Hepsia CP)

VPN allows you to browse the web securely, over a 128-bit encrypted connection, and bypass all country-based content restrictions. A website ads blocker and an image compressing capability are included too. We give you 5 GB of free VPN Access with any of our hosting services.

ModSecurity Firewall (with Hepsia CP)

This is a firewall that protects web applications from hacker attacks. We have configured the firewall to prevent all common website attacks automatically. By default, ModSecurity is enabled for all hosts, but you can disable it for any website that you want.

Free Weekly Backups

Data backups are performed three times a week, so you can rest assured that your content will be intact in case of accidental loss. The backup service is available free of charge with all OpenVZ packages, both managed and unmanaged.

Fast Backups

Up to 5-10 times faster backups, with no impact on the overall speed of your Virtual Private Server.

All Plans Include


 – No Setup Fees
– 1-hour Account Activation
– 99.9% Network Uptime
– 24x7x365 Technical Support
– Full Root Access (excl. Hepsia)
– SSH Access

OS Options

 – CentOS 7 (64 bit)
– CentOS 6 (64 bit)
– Debian 9.0 (64 bit)
– Debian 8.0 (64 bit)
– Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (64 bit)
– Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (64 bit)
– Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (64 bit)

OS Templates (available at signup)​

 – Fedora 25
– FreeBSD 10.3
– FreeBSD 11.00
– Linux Mint 18
– Scientific Linux 7

Upgrade Services

Control Panel Installation

 – DirectAdmin – €0.00/mo
– Hepsia Control Panel (No root access) – €0.00/mo
– cPanel – €10.43/mo

Administration Services

 – Installation & Troubleshooting – €63.00/hour

Extra Dedicated IPs

 – 1 additional IP – €4.00/mo

KVM VPS Solutions Starting at €12.38/month

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Our main goal at Dino Web Host is to provide web hosting services that you will enjoy using. In our opinion, that’s what defines a good web hosting provider – not only reasonable prices, but also simplicity of use. Our hosting plans are equipped with high value-added tools that will help you easily set up and manage your web site. In terms of domain, we offer more than 50 affordable top-level domain name extensions, popular universal domain names like .COM and .NET to country-specific domain name extensions like .PT .ES .DE, .IT, .CA, .CO.UK and many more.

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