A Little Bit About Us

We have been in the web hosting business for 16 years and we know how important it is for the customer to feel the comfort of a support that solves problems effectively.

Cloud Hosting Platform

Building a large-scale platform that can support hundreds of websites under one roof, from personal blogs and your online stores, to big news portals or media-rich websites, is a challenge.

Designed by highly qualified professionals, our cloud hosting platform works flawlessly and can accommodate any type of website and any number of users. This is why, we can safely offer you a 99.9% uptime guarantee for all our cloud hosting services, Virtual Private Servers, semi-dedicated servers and dedicated servers.

The Exclusive Hosting Control Panel

Website management has always been a tough job, especially for new users, since it has a considerable learning curve. This is why, we developed the Hepsia Control Panel, which is very similar to the tools people use daily on their desktop or mobile devices.

Plus, we have included all sorts of additional tools, which can help you secure and improve your existing website’s performance or set up a new site in minutes line our Web Applications Installer, for example.

Customer Support

At DinoWebHost, we have adopted a people-first approach. If you contact us, we will reply in no more than an hour. That’s guaranteed. And our techs usually reply in less than 20 minutes.

They have all the experience needed to answer to any question or to tackle any issue you may have with your sites or emails.

What Renders Us Special?

While most hosting distributors use the ready-made cPanel as a basis of their web hosting platforms, we arrived at the decision to create the Hepsia hosting Control Panel. The prime benefit of this Control Panel is that it offers billing, web site and domain administration possibilities. This will spare you the effort of signing in to different user interfaces to administer the things that belong to you. With Hepsia, you will exert complete authority over all angles of your Internet presence and will be able to administer all your sites and domain names from one single place.

Our Web Hosting Platform

Having an all-encompassing web hosting Control Panel is a wonderful thing, but it’s not enough. We developed a hosting platform based on the powerful mix of Linux and Apache, which allows us to guarantee you a hassle-free web hosting experience and to offer a ninety-nine point nine percent uptime guarantee! We are also working with several datacenters located in different continents. These are places with people devoted to keeping the servers up and running. And we offer a 24x7x365 client support service and a one-hour support ticket response time guarantee, although our customer care team members normally respond to all inquiries in no more than 20 minutes!

Cloud Hosting Solutions

Starting at €3.93/month

Live Chat ?

Our main goal at Dino Web Host is to provide web hosting services that you will enjoy using. In our opinion, that’s what defines a good web hosting provider – not only reasonable prices, but also simplicity of use. Our hosting plans are equipped with high value-added tools that will help you easily set up and manage your web site. In terms of domain, we offer more than 50 affordable top-level domain name extensions, popular universal domain names like .COM and .NET to country-specific domain name extensions like .PT .ES .DE, .IT, .CA, .CO.UK and many more.

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